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Brits Abroad Shanghai

The Joining Process

The joining process is as follows:

  • You can Apply Online by clicking on the button below.  Your details will be recorded in our database, pending payment of your joining fee. Please make contact with our membership co-ordinator, Pam Gray (WeChat id: Shimmy8467)
  • You could also go to an event where our membership team will be able to take payment for your membership fees, activate your online membership application. Please see our Calendar to find the events where the Membership Team will be available to process your application - these have a small icon next to them - 
  • A current valid passport must be shown on joining.

Apply Online  Paper Membership Application Form

Membership Fees

The membership fee for now until 31st December 2024 is RMB300

Our membership period runs from 1st January to 31st December. All members must renew their membership every 1st January. The annual membership fee is RMB300. We offer a discounted fee of RMB200 to new members joining after 1st July and before 31st October. Members joining after 1st November will be charged RMB300 for the remainder of the year and the following year.

Still Not Sure?

Check out our list of membership benefits below and, if you want, you can try out one of our events. Please see our Calendar and find the events open to non-members - these have a small icon next to them - .  Our Mahjong and May I groups are intended for members only but we do allow prospective members to come along for an initial trial session.


Benefits of Membership

Brits Abroad was originally set up over 25 years ago to help support expatriates with the challenges of living overseas and to provide links to a more like-minded community. The main way we achieve this is by providing our members with the opportunity to take part in events. There are many types of events, including Coffee Mornings, Mahjong, May I?,  Book Club, Monthly Walks and Drop In Drinks, most of which are member-led.

Brits Abroad is also a great resource for people to find out about the many interesting things Shanghai has to offer. You can gain a lot of local knowledge by attending our events, by asking one of our seasoned members or, if you have something specific you need to know, please reach out on our WeChat Group.



Brits Abroad members also enjoy discounts at many businesses across Shanghai. These include discounts for Health & Beauty service providers, restaurants, Shopping destinations and Educational institutions. 



Apart from having access to the members-only section of our website, we update our WeChat group with the latest information. You can also join our Facebook page to keep abreast of all our activities. 

Apply Online  Paper Membership Application Form