Speakeasy Walking Tour
Fri 4th February 2022
17:45 registration
18:00 - 21:00 tour
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Going to a bar on a Friday evening, having a beer or a cocktail would be a typical start to the weekend, but visiting nine bars in a row should be something special! These are bars which you might have walked by or even wondered about but never imagined that this could be a place which serves one of the most delicious cocktails in town. These speakeasies are based on the hidden bars from the prohibition in the US, where they needed to hide their enjoyment of booze from the government regulations, in some dark and silent basement or backdoor room. If the address is not clear in advance, it most likely will not be found by a by-passing potential customer. Even knowing the exact location, but not having experienced this type of bar before, you might still hesitate to enter. During this walk Florian Mehling of Explore Shanghai will introduce you to nine of the many existing speakeasy bars in Shanghai. They are all in a very convenient walking distance to one another. Due to the quantity of bars, there won´t be much time to sit down and have a cocktail at every one, but Florian will share the locations afterwards so you can continue your exploration in a more 'hands on' fashion!

(Pro tip: bring your own flask or 'water bottle' for a discreet roadie along the way. It's February after all; a little nip keeps the cold at bay.)

Walk is a relaxed pace but total distance will ultimately add up to approx 6km so do wear appropriate footwear. Adults only, for hopefully obvious reasons.

Meeting point: Cross road Sinan Rd. and Xiangshan Rd.
TBD - we will find a nice bar near the assembly point to meet up for a kick-off drink earlier, so as not to be standing around outside on a February evening!
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