Great Brits Christmas Bake off - Mince Pies
Charity Event
Thu 2nd December 2021
11:30 - 14:00
Come for lunch at Abbey Road and sample mince pies for dessert.
Sign Up finished on Thu 2 Dec 2021 Baker Entry Fee is RMB 50 (80 for non members)
Non Baker Entry Fee is RMB 50 (80 for non members)

MInce pie flyer

You can attend this event as a Baker or a Non Baker.

All attendees will sample the mince pies.  The mince pies will be labelled with a number.

The mince pies will be judged by Ilse Dumont and Caz Johnstone and by the non bakers (anonymously).

Bakers please make enough mince pies for at least 23 small samples. I anticipate cutting each mince pie into 4 (depending on the size) and suggest mince pies of at least 4- 5cm (they can be bigger).


1. The mince pie filling can be Homemade OR Shop bought.

2. The pastry must be homemade!

3. Mince pies will be judged on neatness, appearance, texture, creativity and taste (please see further sheet for judging criteria)

4. This is a fun event!

5. Please purchase a drink and refreshments at Abbey Road as they have kindly supplied the function room.

6. Any further questions please contact WeChat LUCYELLISHARDY

 MInce Pie Judging Criteria

Abbey Road
3 Taojiang Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
T's & C's
We are no longer taking reservations for this event. All reservations must have been received by Thu 2 Dec.
It is no longer possible to cancel reservations. Cancellations will incur any charges that are not refundable by Brits Abroad. Failure to attend an event may also incur charges.
Brits Abroad will make every effort to honour your reservation but occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, this might not be possible. As such, Brits Abroad reserves the right to cancel your reservation at any time before the event at the discretion of the event organiser.
If you have any questions please email with Great Brits Christmas Bake off - Mince Pies as the email subject.