Drop in Drinks
Fri 26th February 2021
18:00 onwards
No Sign Up Necessary

Our popular monthly happy hour get together! Join us at The Beer Lady, located in an old granary building up along Suzhou Creek. Don't fret if you're not a beer drinker, there are absolutely other options available - but if you are a beer drinker you are going to love the selection!

For those of you who aren't familiar with The Beer Lady's story, Zang Yindi is a local Shanghainese woman who ran a small grocery store on Fahuazhen Road, the kind you might see anywhere in this town. One day a Belgian beer distributor stopped in to buy some cigarettes and suggested she carry his products and she thought it sounded like a good idea. Once she realized his products were good sellers, she began to sell an increasingly varied range of imported and craft beers and over time gained a reputation amongst area expats as 'the beer lady'. She popped a little table and some plastic chairs outside the shop and it became a surprise hip hang-out. Once her lease was up at the Fahauzhen location, she was motivated to set up a place specifically focusing on selling a big selection of beers and The Beer Lady was officially born. This location along Suzhou Creek is her third. It is, to be sure, just a glorified bottle shop but oh! what a bottle shop! Not just an incredible range of bottled beers but so much more (food too, provided by a local dumpling and other yummy things resto). Come see for yourself!

The Beer Lady
1247 Nan Suzhou Road,
near Xinchang Road


5 minute walk from Xinzha Road metro station (Line 1)
If you have any questions please email BritsAbroad57@hotmail.com with Drop in Drinks as the email subject.