Royal Ascot Ladies Day Luncheon
Photography Club (Practical session)
Mon 8th April 2019

This is the practical session of the April Brits Abroad Photography club. Anyone is welcome to join - just bring along your camera and your desire to take great photos! 

There are two linked sessions in each month: in the first (8th April) we'll be taking photos in the Botanical Gardens practising compositional and technical skills. 

Anyone is welcome to attend but you'll get the most out of the session if you have a camera with settings you can adjust. If you're not sure how to use your camera, that's fine - we can help and you can bring your manual along too if you have it.  

The follow-up session will be on 22nd April when we'll be looking at the photos that we took in the practical session - please remember to sign up separately for this session as well. 


If you have any questions please email with Photography Club (Practical session) as the email subject.