Royal Ascot Ladies Day Luncheon
Photography Club (Session 2 of 2)
Mon 22nd October 2018

This date is now cancelled.

The next practical session is on the 3rd November (practical session) with the follow up and review session on the 26th November.


This is a new club, led by Emily Fereday and Sigrid Brede, and is open to all members of Brits Abroad.

The group size is limited to 8 including the leads, for practical purposes and can be joined by signing up on a monthly basis. The meetings will usually be on the 2nd & 4th Mondays, 9.45am for 10am start till noon.

Every month there are two linked sessions: one a practical session during which we will take photos and the other review session which will involve a discussion and review of photos taken in the previous meeting.

To get the most out of the club, it’s best if you are able to attend both meetings in the month.

Practical photography session – during the first meeting of the month, we will meet in a café to discuss the focus of the session which might be linked to an element of composition or a technical skill using a function or feature of our cameras (for example, using aperture to vary the focal depth of a photo for dramatic effect).  Once everyone is familiar with them, we’ll head off and practice taking photos in the local area. 

Informal photo discussion – the second session of the month provides an opportunity for the group to meet again to discuss and share the photos they took during the practical session. Everyone is asked to bring up to 4 photos from the practical session that they would like to share. This session will take place at someone’s house over tea and cake and will provide an informal and friendly opportunity for group members to discuss each other’s photos.

The purpose of the club is to share ideas, tips and tricks to help us all to improve our photography. Anyone who loves photography and is keen to improve their photos is welcome to join.

Equipment – anyone is welcome but if you have access to a camera on which you can adjust the settings you’re going to get more out of the experience



If you have any questions please email with Photography Club (Session 2 of 2) as the email subject.