Meet Your New Brits Committee!
From 1st April 2019

Meet your new Brits Abroad Committee


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Silver Jewellery Making Workshop
22 Mar
Join Waiting List finished on Thu 14 Mar 2019
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Book Club - Amongst Women by John McGahern
26 Mar
Hosted by Candia Allen Tel: 18516128247
Drop in drinks @ Lychee
29 Mar
No Sign Up Necessary
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Photography Club (Practical session)
8 Apr
Flower Port - meeting point to be confirmed
Pottery Workshop
11 Apr
Ceramic Pottery
Easter Brunch
21 Apr
Photography Club (Review session)
22 Apr
Venue to be confirmed
10K Any Day Walk
25 Apr
Jingā€˜an District
Photography Club (Practical session)
6 May
The Dragon Cafe, Long Museum
10K Any Day Walk
16 May
The Bund